About Christine

Transforming lives and empowering people to achieve their highest potential. Together, let’s unlock your inner power and create a life of abundance and joy!

I have dedicated myself to being as knowledgeable as possible to help students and clients achieve optimal wellness in their bodies, minds, careers, relationships, and spiritual practices. Impassioned by my desire to help others, it is my personal dream to help YOU create the life of your dreams!

I believe I’m one of the few that has this “unconscious competence” where my intuition is concerned.

I have tended to operate with my intuition, my subjective faculties, as my guide, even when I am trying to solve something more logical, objective and finite.

I’ve always just had this way of “knowing”.

I can see what someone wants to or is trying to tell me, especially if they need my help.

I can accurately visualize a person’s characteristics before meeting them.

I can see what someone truly desires, the life they long to live, by tuning into them.

I am absolutely uplifted seeing how people can LEARN these skills!

These things I used to have a hard time putting into words to describe how I do what I do so effectively.

I now know how to highlight them in and for others, explain them, encourage them, and watch them spark to life inside of someone, who is delighted to experience being able to affirm, utilize, and enhance their intuitive abilities.

What a beautiful journey this is.

Better and better every day,